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Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2008;21(3): 449-455.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2008.70424    Published online March 4, 2008.
Quality Characteristics of Chicken Breast Surimi as Affected by Water Washing Time and pH Adjustment
Sang-Keun Jin, Il-Suk Kim, Yeung-Joon Choi, Gu-Boo Park, Han-Sul Yang*
Correspondence:  Han-Sul Yang,
This study was carried out to compare the quality properties of chicken breast surimi manufactured by four different procedures/methods. Surimi was made from chicken breast by washing two (T1) or four times (T2) with water as well as by pH adjustments at 3.0 (T3) or 11.0 (T4). The contents of moisture and crude fat were significantly higher in the surimi manufactured from pH-adjusted material than after washing. Again, collagen and yield were significantly higher in chicken breast surimi manufactured from washed than pH-adjusted samples, whereas crude protein was higher in the pH-adjusted than washed surimi samples. There was no significant difference in myofibrillar protein content among the surimi manufactured after different washing times and differences following pH adjustments were found. T4 showed highest myofibrillar protein content rating among the surimi samples. All physical characteristics were higher in pH-adjusted chicken breast surimi than in T1 and T2 washed surimi samples. The pH-adjusted surimi had higher hardness, gumminess and chewiness than washed surimi samples (p<0.05). The chicken breast surimi made by pH adjustments had higher lightness (L*) than when made by washing times, whereas pH 3.0-adjusted surimi samples had lower whiteness (W) then the other surimi samples. Myoglobin content was significantly higher in the surimi manufactured from pH-adjusted chicken breast samples.
Keywords: Surimi; Chicken Breast; Washing Time; pH Adjustment; Gel Properties

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