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  1. Ordinary meetings of Council will be held in association with AAAP Congresses. All other meetings shall be designated extra-ordinary
  2. At each ordinary meeting Council shall
    • Receive a report from the Secretary General concerning the activities of the Association since the last meeting.
    • Receive a statement of the Association's accounts from the Secretary General for adoption.
    • Receive offers to host the next AAAP Congress, select a host from among the offers and decide the year of the Congress.
    • Receive nominations for the offices of President, two Vice-Presidents, and Secretary General and Editor-in-Chief of AB and elect these officers from the nominations received.
    • Determine the AAAP budget for the ensuing period between Congresses.
    • Determine annual membership fee.
    • Consider other matters which may seem appropriate.
  3. The President, past President (as a non-voting member), two Vice-Presidents and Secretary General shall act as an Executive Committee to guide and, where desirable, provide leadership for the Secretary General in pursuing the business of the Association between ordinary meetings of Council.
  4. Between the ordinary meetings of Council, the Executive Committee shall consider business matters raised by or brought to the notice of the Secretary General. At the discretion of the Secretary General of the President or at the request of a minimum of one-fourth of the Members of Council, a postal vote of Council may be carried out to decide issues of substance. Ballots shall be mailed by air and ninety days allowed between thier issue and counting. The majority of votes received shall decide the issue.
  5. On the 1st March and 1st September of each year, each Society of Association shall provide the Secretary General with a list of the current office bearers of the Society or Association and a list of the meetings proposed within the next twelve months.
  6. The Secretary General shall
    • Be responsible to Council for all business matters and current activities of the Association between Congresses within the budget fixed by Council.
    • Receive members' advice on current officers and proposed meetings as set out in By-Laws 5, issue in April and October each year a bulletin setting out current office bearers, proposed meetings and other events of general interest.
    • Arrange, upon members' request, contacts between members concerning scientific or any other matters contributing to the realization of the objects of the Association.
    • Maintain contact with the World Association for Animal Production and bring to the attention of members any pertinent matters.
    • Prepare each year a draft budget for consideration by Council.
    • Prepare reports for Council Meetings as set out in By-Laws 2.
    • Remind members of the proposed Council Meeting six months before the date of that meeting and ask them for items they wish to place on the Agenda, including proposals for revision of Constitution. Circulate any proposed amendments to the constitution three months before the Council Meeting and circulate the proposed Agenda and Annotations on the Agenda items six weeks prior to the Meeting.
    • Arrange for votes by letter as set out in By-Law 4.
    • Upon assuming office, nominate to Council for approval, one deputy to carry out his functions in his absence. The deputy should have been approved by his own national Society of Association.
    • Serve as the Treasurer of the Association in which capacity he shall receive the annual fees from members, keep the Association's accounts, and arrange for audit of the accounts annually. He shall keep a special account in the name of the Association in which the Association's funds are to be placed.
    • Send to each Society and Association on 1st December each year a statement of annual fees due on 1st January of the following year; and on 1st June of that year send a reminder to all members who have not paid the fees by that time.
  7. AB shall be published in accordance with guideline set by Management Committee for the Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (MCAJAS).
    • The MCAJAS shall consist of as a total of eleven members, editor-in-chief (Chairperson), two associate editors, assistant editor, business manager, and six members representing different member countries who will be nominated by the chairman of MCAJAS on the basis of rotation.
    • The MCAJAS will be based wherever the Editor-in-Chief is located.
    • The guidelines of the MCAJAS are (1) to review and make decision on the business matters, editorial policy and printing of AJAS, (2) to nominate editorial members, (3) to nominate to the Council the awardee(s) for the AJAS-Purina Outstanding Research Award and (4) to make decision on subscription rate and any other necessary business matters related to the publication of AJAS.
    • Three of committee members representing different member countries will be replaced every three years.
  8. The responsibility of organizing and financing of the Congress shall be the responsibility of the Organizing Committee of AAAP Congress in the host country.
  9. The quorum shall be 5 or half the number of voting membership of Council, whichever is less.

Effective :September 1, 1980
Amended :October 15, 1996


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