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AAAP Animal Science Award

(Sponsored by Prof. In K. Hans' Animal Life Science Foundation)
2000Chantalakhana, C.Kasetsart University, Bankok 10900, Thailand
2001W. J. MaengKonKuk University, Korea
2002R. LengUniversity of New England, Australia
2003D. A. KimSeoul National University, Korea
2004C.DevendraInternational Livestock Research Institute, Malaysia
2006E. SatoLaboratory of Animal Reproduction, Tohoku Univetsity, Japan
2008Dr. Metha WanapatKhon Kean University, Thailand
(Sponsored by Chinese Society of Animal Sciences)
2010Dr. Yukio KanaiUniversity of Tsukuba, Japan

AAAP Animal Science Research Award

(Sponsored by Japan Society of Animal Science)
2000Okumura, J.Nagoya University, Japan

Woogene B&G Award

2010Tohru MatsuiKyoto University, Japan

AB/Purina Outstanding Research Award

(Sponsored by Agribrands Purina Korea Inc.)
2010Tohru MatsuiKyoto University, Japan
1990Goto, K.Kagoshima University, Japan
1992Wanapat, M.
Prawirodigdo, S.
Khon Kaen University, Thailand
University of Diponegore Semarang, Indonesia
1994Uddin, M. S.
Lambio, A. L.
Livestock Research Institute, Bangladesh
University of Philippines, Los Banos, Philippines
1996Han, Jae Y.Seoul National University, Korea
2000C.LeeHallym University, Korea
P.PaltaNational Dairy Research Institute, India
Y.J.RuSouth Australian Research and Development Institute, Autralia
T.F.LienNational Chiayi University, Taiwan
D.F.LiChina Agricultural University, P.R.China
A.KogaUniversity of Tsukuba, Japan
College of Agriculture, Cantho University, Vietnam
Ladang Ternakan Sungai Patani S/B, Malaysia
2004S.S.LeeGyeungsang National University, Korea
P.RodtianUpper Northern Veterinary Research and Development Center,Thailand
2006InHo HwangChonbuk National University, Korea
Junyou LiUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
2008Sung Woo KimDepartment of Animal Science, North Carolina State University, USA
Dheer SinghBiochemistry Division, National Dairy Research Institute, India
2010Dr. Ruey-Chee WengB. S. T. Dept. and Director of MAICE & MACCE, Taiwan
Dr. Xiaoming SongDivision Translational Oncology Crown Bioscience Inc.(Beijing), China

The 7th AAAP Animal Science Award Sponsored by Hans' Animal Life Science Foundation

1. Some Important Deadlines

  • April 1, 2008 : Procedures are approved by Hans’ Animal Life Science Foundation and President of AAAP.
  • April 1, 2008 : Selection Committee approved by the President of AAAP and calling for nominations.
  • April 2, 2008 : Notice is sent to all AAAP council members and section editors of the AB.
  • May 20, 2008 : Deadline for nomination.
  • May 21, 2008 : Nomination dossiers are sent to Selection Committee.
  • July 10, 2008 : Selection Committee advises the President of AAAP of the name of the awardee, on the basis of rankings by the committee.
  • July 15, 2008: Awardee is notified by the Secretary General.
  • September 22, 2008: Plaque is prepared and arrangements for presentation of the Award are finalized. The nomination address and awarding of the plaque will be handled by the AAAP President at the opening ceremony.

2. Suggested Wording on Plaque

Selection Guideline for the 7th AAAP Animal Science Award Sponsored by Hans’ Animal Life Science Foundation
  • Name of award
    The 7th AAAP Animal Science Award
  • Donor
    Hans’ Animal Life Science Foundation.
  • Nature of award
    A monetary award of $3,000 US plus a travel grant and an appropriate memento or plaque, to be presented once every two years at the opening ceremony of the AAAP Animal Science Congress.
  • Purpose
    To recognize and stimulate distinguished service to animal production internationally in AAAP region.
  • Eligibility for nomination
    To be eligible for the award, a nominee shall have made a meritorious scientific contribution by way of teaching, research, of other service to animal production over a period of 20 or more years, and shall have been nominated by 2 members of AAAP council or section editor of the AB. Particular attention will be paid to the international significance of the contribution.
  • Nature of award
    A monetary award of $3,000 US plus a travel grant and an appropriate memento or plaque, to be presented once every two years at the opening ceremony of the AAAP Animal Science Congress.
  • Award Selection Committee
    1) The Selection Committee will consist of the Secretary-General of AAAP plus 4 -6 members appointed by Secretary-General and President of AAAP.
    2) The Selection Committee may reject all nominees when, in their opinion, no worthy candidate has been nominated.
    3) One or more awardees may be selected.
  • Materials to be supplied by nominator
    1)Three completed copies of the AAAP Animal Science Award Nomination Form.
    2)Six copies of a dossier that contains the following material
      a) Biography of the nominee.
      b) List of publications, courses taught, and other pertinent credentials.
      c) Summary statement documenting accomplishments and outlining the major contributions to international animal production on which the nomination is based.
    3)One copy of a citation of approximately 500 words suitable for presentation at the AAAP Animal Science Congress.
Selection Guideline for the 9th AB-Purina Outstanding Research Award Guideline
  • Purpose
    To stimulate the research activity and submission of manuscripts to the AB by Asian Young Scientists (under 40 years)
  • Funding
    The AB-Purina Outstanding Research Award was introduced in 1990 with the kind donation by Mr. K. Y. Kim, President of Agribrands Purina Korea Inc. The total award money per year was US$ 2,000~3,000 depending on the number of awardees. It is noted that many of award went to young scientists from developing countries.
  • Nature of award
    A monetary award of $3,000 US plus a travel grant and an appropriate memento or plaque, to be presented once every two years at the opening ceremony of the AAAP Animal Science Congress.
  • Selection
    Process: The award committee is composed of AB section editors with editor-in-chief serving as the committee chairman. Committee members select one or two papers published in the AB during the previous 2 years, and chairman circulate the list of all the papers recommended, and select the best papers which receive the best score by the committee members.
  • Selection Schedule
  • March 2008Nominate committee members, Request nomination for awardees
    May 2008Deadline for awardee nomination
    July 2008 Complete selection process
    Sept 22 2008Presentation of awards during opening of 13th AAAP in Hanoi


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