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Cholesterol Removal from Whole Egg by Crosslinked β-Cyclodextrin
H. J. Jeong, H. Sun, C. Chogsom, H. S. Kwak
Anim Biosci. 2014;27(4):537-542.  Published online April 1, 2014
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Properties of Milk Supplemented with Peanut Sprout Extract Microcapsules during Storage
Y. K. Lee, P. Ganesan, H. S. Kwak
Anim Biosci. 2013;26(8):1197-1204.  Published online August 1, 2013
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Animal Products
Microencapsulation of Korean Mistletoe (Viscum album var. coloratum) Extract and Its Application into Milk
N. C. Kim, J. B. Kim, H. S. Kwak
Anim Biosci. 2008;21(2):299-306.  Published online January 4, 2008
Comparison of Cholesterol-reduced Cream Cheese Manufactured Using Crosslinked 棺-Cyclodextrin to Regular Cream Cheese
E. M. Han, S. H. Kim, J. Ahn, H. S. Kwak
Anim Biosci. 2008;21(1):131-137.  Published online January 4, 2008
Cholesterol Removal from Lard with Crosslinked 棺-Cyclodextrin
S. H. Kim, H. Y. Kim, H. S. Kwak
Anim Biosci. 2007;20(9):1468-1472.  Published online August 30, 2007
Effects of Nanocalcium Supplemented Milk on Bone Calcium Metabolism in Ovariectomized Rats
H. S. Park, B. J. Jeon, J. Ahn, H. S. Kwak
Anim Biosci. 2007;20(8):1266-1271.  Published online June 27, 2007
Comparison of Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Freeze-concentrated Milk with Evaporated Milk during Storage
J. H. Hwang, S. J. Lee, H. S. Park, S. G. Min, H. S. Kwak
Anim Biosci. 2007;20(2):273-282.  Published online November 27, 2006
The Effects of Microencapsulated Chitooligosaccharide on Physical and Sensory Properties of the Milk
H. J. Choi, J. Ahn, N. C. Kim, H. S. Kwak
Anim Biosci. 2006;19(9):1347-1353.  Published online August 2, 2006
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Development of Phytosterol Ester-added Cheddar Cheese for Lowering Blood Cholesterol
H. S. Kwak, H. J. Ahn, J. Ahn
Anim Biosci. 2005;18(2):267-276.  Published online April 21, 2005
Fermentation for Liquid-type Yogurt with Lactobacillus casei 911LC
I. H. Ko, M. K. Wang, B. J. Jeon, H. S. Kwak
Anim Biosci. 2005;18(1):102-106.  Published online April 19, 2005
Functional Properties of Cholesterol-removed Compound Whipping Cream by Palm Oil
S. Y. Shim, J. Ahn, H. S. Kwak
Anim Biosci. 2004;17(6):857-862.  Published online January 1, 2004
Microencapsulated Iron Fortification and Flavor Development in Cheddar Cheese
H. S. Kwak, Y. S. Ju, H. J. Ahn, J. Ahn, S. Lee
Anim Biosci. 2003;16(8):1205-1211.  Published online January 1, 2003
Microencapsulated Iron for Drink Yogurt Fortification
S. J. Kim, J. Ahn, J. S. Seok, H. S. Kwak
Anim Biosci. 2003;16(4):581-587.  Published online January 1, 2003
Cholesterol Removal and Flavor Development in Cheddar Cheese
H. S. Kwak, C. S. Jung, J. S. Seok, J. Ahn
Anim Biosci. 2003;16(3):409-416.  Published online January 1, 2003
Animal Products
In Vitro Stability of β-galactosidase Microcapsules
H. S. Kwak, S. H. Kwon, J. B. Lee, J. Ahn
Anim Biosci. 2002;15(12):1808-1812.  Published online December 1, 2002


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