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https://doi.org/10.5713/ab.23.0416    [Accepted] Published online February 23, 2024.
Effect of degraded flaxseed meals on the growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and health status of broilers
Xiaoyu Ji1  , Xiangyu Liu1  , J Wang1  , Ning Liu1,* 
Department of Animal Science, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang 471000, China
Correspondence:  Ning Liu, Tel: +86-037964282341, Fax: +86-037964282341, Email: ningliu68@163.com
Received: 15 October 2023   • Revised: 19 November 2023   • Accepted: 10 December 2023
The present study evaluated the effect of flaxseed meal degraded by a protease, Lactobacillus plantarum, or both on the growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and health status of broilers.
There were four diets containing flaxseed meals in its non-degraded form (control, CON), degraded with 3,000 U/kg of protease (ELM), 1.0×109 CFU/kg of Lactobacillus plantarum (FLM), or both (DLM). Each form of flaxseed meals was added at 15% of diet. A total of 480 yellow-feathered broilers at 22 d of age were distributed into 4 groups with 6 replicates of 20 chickens each. The feeding trial lasted for 42 d. Growth performance, apparent fecal digestibility (dry matter, energy, crude protein, and ash), and serum immunoglobins and antioxidases were determined at 42 and 63 d of age.
Results showed that ELM, FLM, and DLM increased (p<0.001) the contents of peptides and decreased (p<0.001) cyanogenic glycosides, compared to CON. The diets with degraded flaxseed meals increased (p<0.05) feed intake and body weight gain throughout the feeding trial, and the digestibility of energy, crude protein, and ash at the end of feeding trial. Furthermore, all degraded groups enhanced (p<0.05) broiler health status by increasing serum immunoglobulins A and G. Additinally, DLM showed more pronounced effects (p<0.05) on these parameters than ELM or FLM.
Flaxseed meals degraded by enzymolysis, fermentation, or both had improved nutrition and application in broilers.
Keywords: Broiler; Enzymolysis; Fermentation; Flaxseed Meal; Nutritive Value

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