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https://doi.org/10.5713/ab.23.0442    [Accepted] Published online February 23, 2024.
Lysolecithins improved growth performance, nutrient digestibility, immunity, and antioxidant ability in broiler chickens
Yuanli Cai1,*  , Lu Gao2  , Bochen Song2  , Zhigang Song2 
1College of Life Science, Qilu Normal University, Jinan, Shandong 250200, China
2Key Laboratory of Efficient Utilization of Non-grain Feed Resources, College of Animal Science and Technology, Shandong Agricultural University, Taian, Shandong 271018, China
Correspondence:  Yuanli Cai, Tel: +86-15953182570, Fax: +86-0531-66778037, Email: yuanlicai@163.com
Received: 24 October 2023   • Revised: 2 December 2023   • Accepted: 27 December 2023
This study aimed to investigated the effects of dietary supplementation with lysolecithins (LPC) on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, blood profiles, immunity, and liver health in broiler chickens.
A cohort of 240 one-day-old male Arbor Acres broilers of comparable weight was divided into four treatment groups, each comprising six replicates of 10 birds. The groups were defined as follows: positive control with recommended metabolizable energy (PC+ME), negative control with 90 kcal/kg reduced ME (NC+ME), PC supplemented with 300 mg/kg LPC (PC+LPC), and NC supplemented with 300 mg/kg LPC (NC+LPC).
LPC supplementation led to a statistically significant reduction in the feed conversion ratio (P = 0.05) and a decrease in the proportion of abdominal fat and the liver (P<0.05). Digestibility of dry matter was also enhanced (P < 0.05). Malondialdehyde concentrations in the liver were significantly reduced by LPC (P<0.01), with a noteworthy interaction between energy levels and LPC affecting this reduction (P<0.05). Serum levels of interleukin-6 were reduced on day 21, and both endotoxin and interleukin-6 levels were lower on day 42. Notably, a significant interaction was observed between the energy levels and LPC on relative liver weight and endotoxin concentrations in the serum (P<0.05).
The study concluded that LPC positively affects growth performance, nutrient digestibility, immune response, and antioxidative capacity in broiler chickens, affirming its value as a beneficial feed additive in poultry nutrition.
Keywords: Broiler Chicken; Immunity; Liver Health; Lysolecithins

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