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https://doi.org/10.5713/ab.23.0285    [Accepted] Published online November 1, 2023.
Effect of extrusion on available energy and amino acid digestibility of barley, wheat, sorghum, and broken rice in growing pigs
Ge Zhang1,*  , Gang Zhang1  , Jinbiao Zhao1  , Ling Liu1  , Zeyu Zhang1,* 
State Key laboratory of Animal Nutrition, College of Animal Science and Technology, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100193, China
Correspondence:  Ge Zhang, Tel: +86-10-62733588, Fax: +86-10-62733688, Email: zhangge0557@163.com
Zeyu Zhang, Tel: +86-10-62733588, Fax: +86-10-62733688, Email: zhangge0557@163.com
Received: 2 August 2023   • Revised: 22 August 2023   • Accepted: 12 September 2023
The main objective of this study was to determine available energy and nutritional digestibility of extruded cereals and the effect of extrusion on the nutritional value of feed ingredients, aiming to provide scientific basis for efficient application of extrusion in the diets of growing pigs.
In Exp. 1, 48 crossbred growing pigs (Duroc × Landrace × Yorkshire) with an initial body weight (BW) of 34.6 ± 2.2 kg were selected and fed with eight diets (non-extrusion or extrusion) to determine the digestible energy (DE), metabolizable energy (ME), and nutrients digestibility. Eight diets included extruded grains (barley, wheat, sorghum, or broken rice), while four had unprocessed grains. In Exp. 2, 9 diets were formulated including 4 cereals with extrusion or non-extrusion and a N-free diet. In addition, 9 growing pigs (BW = 22.3 ± 2.8 kg) were fitted with T-cannula in the distal ileum and arranged in a 9 × 6 Youden square design.
Results show that apparent total tract digestibility of gross energy, dry matter, organic meal, ether extract, neutral and acid detergent fiber was not affected by the extrusion process and there was no interaction between cereal type and extrusion treatment on DE, ME. However, the apparent total tract digestibility for crude protein (CP) increased markedly (p<0.05). The standardized ileal digestibility (SID) of all amino acids (AA) except for leucine remarkably increased by extrusion (p<0.05). There was an interaction on the SID of arginine, leucine, isoleucine, methionine, phenylalanine, cystine, and tyrosine in growing pigs between type of grain and extrusion treatment (p<0.05).
Extrusion increased the ileal digestibility of CP and most AA in cereals, however, the DE and ME of cereals were not affected in growing pigs.
Keywords: Cereals; Digestible Energy; Extrusion; Growing Pigs; Metabolizable Energy

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