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https://doi.org/10.5713/ab.22.0120    [Accepted] Published online June 30, 2022.
Genome-wide identification of long noncoding RNA genes and their potential association with mammary gland development in water buffalo
Yuhan Jin1  , Yina Ouyang1,2  , Xinyang Fan1  , Jing Huang1  , Wenbo Guo1  , Yongwang Miao1,* 
1Faculty of Animal Science and Technology, Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming 650201, Yunnan, China
2Yunnan Animal Science and Veterinary Institute, Kunming 650224, China
Correspondence:  Yongwang Miao, Tel: +86-13700650615, Fax: +86-087165220061, Email: yongwangmiao1@126.com
Received: 24 March 2022   • Revised: 18 May 2022   • Accepted: 28 June 2022
Water buffalo, an important domestic animal in tropical and subtropical regions, plays an important role in agricultural economy. It is an important source for milk, meat, horns, skin and draft power, especially its rich and precious milk that is the great source of creams, butter, yogurt and many cheeses. In recent years, long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been reported to play pivotal roles in many biological processes. Previous studies for the mammary gland development of water buffalo mainly focus on protein coding genes. However, lncRNAs of water buffalo remains poor understand, and the regulation relationship between the mammary gland development/milk production traits and lncRNA expression also remains unknown.
Here, we sequenced 22 samples of the milk somatic cells from three lactation stages and integrated the current annotation and identified 7,962 lncRNA genes.
By comparing the lncRNA genes of the water buffalo in the early, peak and late different lactation stages, we found that lncRNA gene lnc-bbug14207 displayed significantly different expression between early and late lactation stages. And, lnc-bbug14207 may regulate neighboring MFG-E8 and HAPLN3 protein coding genes, which are vital for mammary gland development.


This study demonstrates the first genome-wide identification of water buffalo lncRNAs and unveils the potential lncRNAs that impact mammary gland development. This study conducted genome-wide identification of water buffalo lncRNAs and unveils the potential lncRNAs that impact mammary gland development.
Keywords: Lactation Stages; RNA-seq; LncRNAs Identification; lnc-bbug14207; Mammary Gland Development; Water Buffalo

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