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Animal Breeding and Genetics
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2011;24(9): 1184-1191.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2011.11031    Published online August 24, 2011.
QTL Scan for Meat Quality Traits Using High-density SNP Chip Analysis in Cross between Korean Native Pig and Yorkshire
S. W. Kim, X. P. Li, Y. M. Lee, Y. I. Choi, B. W. Cho, B. H. Choi, T. H. Kim, J. J. Kim, K. S. Kim
We attempted to generate a linkage map using Illumina Porcine 60K SNP Beadchip genotypes of the F2 offspring from Korean native pig (KNP) crossed with Yorkshire (YS) pig, and to identify quantitative trait loci (QTL) using the line-cross model. Among the genotype information of the 62,136 SNPs obtained from the high-density SNP analysis, 45,308 SNPs were used to select informative markers with allelic frequencies >0.7 between the KNP (n = 16) and YS (n = 8) F0 animals. Of the selected SNP markers, a final set of 500 SNPs with polymorphic information contents (PIC) values of >0.300 in the F2 groups (n = 252) was used for detection of thirty meat quality-related QTL on chromosomes at the 5% significance level and 10 QTL at the 1% significance level. The QTL for crude protein were detected on SSC2, SSC3, SSC6, SSC9 and SSC12; for intramuscular fat and marbling on SSC2, SSC8, SSC12, SSC14 and SSC18; meat color measurements on SSC1, SSC3, SSC4, SSC5, SSC6, SSC10, SSC11, SSC12, SSC16 and SSC18; water content related measurements in pork were detected on SSC4, SSC6, SSC7, SSC10, SSC12 and SSC14. Additional QTL of pork quality traits such as texture, tenderness and pH were detected on SSC6, SSC12, SSC13 and SSC16. The most important chromosomal region of superior pork quality in KNP compared to YS was identified on SSC12. Our results demonstrated that a QTL linkage map of the F2 design in the pig breed can be generated with a selected data set of high density SNP genotypes. The QTL regions detected in this study will provide useful information for identifying genetic factors related to better pork quality in KNP.
Keywords: Illumina Porcine 60K SNP Beadchip; QTL; Meat Quality; Korean Native Pig; Yorkshire Pig

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