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Animal Biotechnology
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2008;21(11): 1665-1672.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2008.70625    Published online November 3, 2008.
In vitro Development of Interspecies Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Embryos Derived from Murine Embryonic Fibroblasts and Bovine Oocytes
J. I. Yun, B. S. Koo, S. W. Yun, C. K. Lee*
Correspondence:  C. K. Lee,
Interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer (iSCNT) is a useful method to preserve endangered species and to study the reprogramming event of a nuclear donor cell by the oocyte. Although several studies of iSCNT using murine cells and bovine oocytes have been reported, the development of murine-bovine iSCNT embryos beyond the 8-cell stage has not been successful. In this paper, we examined the developmental potential of embryos reconstructed with a murine embryonic fibroblast as the nuclear donor and a bovine oocyte as the cytoplasm recipient. The reconstructed embryos were cultured in CZB (murine medium) or CR1aa (bovine medium). In addition, for the development of a murine-bovine iSCNT blastocyst, the antioxidant ??mercaptoethanol (??ME) was supplemented to CR1aa medium. Furthermore, to verify the mouse genome activation in murine-bovine iSCNT embryos, RT-PCR analysis of murine Xist was performed. The development of the murine-bovine iSCNT embryos cultured in CR1aa was significantly higher than that in CZB (p<0.05). With respect to the effect of BME on the development of the murine-bovine iSCNT blastocyst, addition of BME produced a significant increase in blastocyst development (p<0.05). Karyotype analysis confirmed that the reconstructed embryos were derived from murine cells (40XX). The Xist gene was gradually increased from the 8-cell stage to the blastocyst stage. This is the first report of blastocyst development of iSCNT embryos derived from murine somatic cells and bovine oocytes. These results demonstrate that bovine cytoplasm can support the development of later stages of a preimplantation embryo from murine-bovine iSCNT.
Keywords: Murine; Bovine; Interspecies Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer; b-Mercaptoethanol; Xist

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