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Poultry and Laboratory Animal Nutrition
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2009;22(5): 694-699.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2009.80549    Published online April 30, 2009.
Effects of Chilled Drinking Water on Performance of Laying Hens during Constant High Ambient Temperature
W. M. Gutierrez, W. Min, H. H. Chang*
Correspondence:  H. H. Chang,
The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of chilled drinking water on the productivity of laying hens under constant high ambient temperature. A total of seventy-two, 123-day-old Hy-line brown layers was divided into two equal groups. The first group (UDWG) was given unchilled water (23.0??.5?캜) as a control, and the second group (CDWG) was given chilled water (16.0??.5?캜). The laying hens were kept at 30?캜 constant temperature with 50% relative humidity and were exposed to 17 h of light per day. Feed intake, egg production, egg quality (egg weight, shell weight, shell thickness, egg color, yolk color, and Haugh unit), and blood samples were collected and analyzed. The results showed that the feed intake of CDWG laying hens was significantly higher (11.64%) than the UDWG counterparts (p<0.01). Egg production of CDWG was also significantly higher (11.27%) than the UDWG counterparts (p<0.001). Furthermore, we observed that the CDWG laying hens had significantly higher (11.72%) levels (p<0.10) of blood calcium, with a corresponding value of 21.92 mg/dl compared to the UDWG hens (19.62 mg/dl). The higher calcium concentration in the CDWG animals may contribute to increased egg production. The CDWG laying hens also contained higher (12.53%) phosphorus concentrations in blood compared to the UDWG (4.22 mg/dl vs. 3.75 mg/dl), although not statistically different (p>0.10). Egg weight and egg quality were not affected by chilled drinking water. In conclusion, providing chilled drinking for laying hens under high ambient temperature improved feed intake and egg production.
Keywords: Chilled Drinking Water; Egg Production; Egg Quality; Heat Stress; Laying Hen

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