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Ruminant Nutrition and Forage Utilization
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2007;20(8): 1215-1221.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2007.1215    Published online June 27, 2007.
Effect of Replacing Rolled Corn with Potato Pulp Silage in Grass Silage-based Diets on Nitrogen Utilization by Steers
Y. Aibibula*, A. Okine, M. Hanada, S. Murata, M. Okamoto, M. Goto
Correspondence:  Y. Aibibula,
Three Holstein steers fitted with ruminal and duodenal cannulae were fed grass silage-based diets supplemented with potato pulp silage as a substitute for rolled corn at levels of 0%, 50% and 100% on a DM basis in a 33 Latin square design to investigate the effect of potato pulp silage on nitrogen (N) utilization in ruminants. Organic matter (OM) intake, and rumen and total tract digestibilities did not differ among treatment diets. Rumen and post-rumen starch digestibilities were similar among treatments, although starch intake decreased (p<0.01) with potato pulp supplementation. There were no significant differences (p>0.05) in ruminal N utilization and non-ammonia N supply to the duodenum of steers fed grass silage supplemented with potato pulp silage as a substitute for rolled corn. There were no treatment differences (p>0.05) in rumen pH, volatile fatty acid (VFA) concentration or the molar percentages of acetate and propionate. The ammonia-N concentration in rumen fluid tended to decrease (p<0.1) when rolled corn was substituted with potato pulp silage. Ether extract intake and post-ruminal digestibility significantly (p<0.01) decreased in steers fed diets containing potato pulp silage. Concentrations of total cholesterol and phospholipids in serum markedly decreased (p<0.01) with potato pulp silage supplementation without adversely affecting liver function. These data suggested that potato pulp silage has a similar value as rolled corn as an energy source for rumen microorganisms.
Keywords: Nitrogen Utilization; Potato Pulp Silage; Rumen; Rolled Corn; Steers

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