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Animal Breeding and Genetics
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2003;16(2): 180-184.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2003.180    Published online January 1, 2003.
A New Device for Intrauterine Artificial Insemination in the Dog
I. K. Kong, D. J. Yu, S. R. Jeong, I. S. Oh, C. J. Yang, S. G. Cho, I. H. Bae, D. H. Oh, H. R. Kim, S. K. Cho, C. S. Park
The intrauterine inseminator (IUI) was developed to provide the method of depositing dog semen into the uterine body instead of the vagina. The IUI consists of a vaginal endoscope, a balloon sheath, and injection catheter. When the endoscope is inserted into the vagina and the balloon expanded with air, the cervical os becomes visible so a injection catheter can be inserted through the cervix for deposition of the frozen-thawed semen. The efficacy of the IUI device was compared to intra-vaginal artificial insemination using semen that had been collected and frozen from pooled sperm-rich fraction of ejaculates collected from two Jindo dog donors. Aliquots of semen were extended with a Tris-egg yolk diluent, centrifuged, the seminal plasma removed, the pellet resuspended with the same diluent, and cooled to 5째C over a 2 h period. A Tris-egg yolk-glycerol extender was added at 5째C; after 1 h, semen was loaded into 0.5 ml straws, and straws were frozen in LN vapor for 5 min, and immersed in LN for storage. The final sperm concentration for freezing was approximately 100횞106 cells/ml. The straws were thawed at 70째C for precisely 6 sec, 1.5 ml Tris-egg yolk buffer at 38째C added, and the 2 ml of thawed semen was used for a single insemination using the IUI device. Each bitch was inseminated at optimal insemination point, which was estimated by vaginal epithelial cells staining and progesterone concentration analysis. Use of the IUI device resulted in 21 of 26 females giving birth to 89 pups (4.2 1.6 pups per litter), while intra-vaginal AI resulted in 6 of 15 females whelping a total of 17 pups (2.8 1.2 pups per litter). We believe the IUI device is easier to use than previously described devices used for intrauterine insemination. In our experience the expansion of the balloon has a calming effect on the bitch that aids the inseminator. These results indicate that the IUI device was able to provide high fertility with 50 million frozen sperm per insemination and two inseminations.
Keywords: Dog; Frozen Semen; Artificial Insemination; Intrauterine Inseminator

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