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https://doi.org/10.5713/ab.21.0421    [Accepted] Published online January 5, 2022.
Effects of different frozen temperatures of pork meat batter on quality characteristics of reduced-sodium pork sausages using pre-rigor muscle
Geon Ho Kim1,*  , Koo Bok Chin1 
Department of Animal Science, Chonnam National University, Gwangju 61186, Korea
Correspondence:  Geon Ho Kim,Email: kbchin@chonnam.ac.kr
Received: 13 September 2021   • Revised: 27 October 2021   • Accepted: 22 December 2021
The objective of this study was to evaluate quality characteristics of reduced-salt pork sausage (PS) using pre-rigor muscle compared to those of regular-salt PS. In addition, effects of freezing meat batter with different temperatures (-30 vs. -70℃) on quality characteristics of both meat batter and cooked sausages during storage were observed.
Pre-rigor and post-rigor pork hams were used to manufacture reduced-fat sausages. Sausages using post-rigor (Post) muscle were manufactured at a salt level of 1.5%, whereas those with pre-rigor (Pre) muscle were processed at salt level of 1.0%. After these muscles were made at two salt levels (1.5% salt, Post-rigor; 1.0% salt, Pre-rigor), sausage batters (SBs) were stored at two frozen temperatures (-30 vs. -70℃). During storage for 12 wks, they were measured for physicochemical and textural properties every 4 wks up to 12 wks.
pH values and temperatures of SB of pre-rigor muscle were higher than those of post-rigor muscle regardless of the frozen temperature. The lightness and yellowness values of SB at the initial storage were the highest during storage. For PS, there were no differences in most parameters measured among all treatments. However, expressible moisture values (%) of Pre-30 and Pre-70 were lower than those of Post-30 (p<0.05).


Regardless of frozen temperature during storage, quality characteristics of pre-rigor PS with salt level of 1.0% salt were similar to those of post-rigor PS with salt level of 1.5%. By using the pre-rigor muscle, salt content could be reduced by one third of the regular-salt level (1.5%) of post-rigor muscle.
Keywords: Pork Sausage; Pre-rigor Muscle; Quality Characteristics; Reduced-salt

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