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https://doi.org/10.5713/ab.21.0436    [Accepted] Published online January 5, 2022.
Effect of long-chain inorganic polyphosphate treated with wheat phytase on IL-8 signaling in HT-29 cells
Jeongmin An1  , Jaiesoon Cho1,* 
Department of Animal Science and Technology, Konkuk University, Seoul 05029, Korea
Correspondence:  Jaiesoon Cho, Tel: +82-2-450-3375, Fax: +82-2-455-1044, Email: chojs70@konkuk.ac.kr
Received: 24 September 2021   • Revised: 26 November 2021   • Accepted: 14 December 2021
This study was performed to investigate the potential effect of wheat phytase on long-chain inorganic polyphosphate (polyP)-mediated IL-8 signaling in an intestinal epithelial cell line, HT-29 cells.
Cell viability and the release of the pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin 8 (IL-8) in HT- 29 cells exposed to polyP1150 (average of 1150 phosphate residues) treated with or without wheat phytase were measured by the EZ-CYTOX kit and the IL-8 ELISA kit, respectively. Also, the activation of cellular inflammatory factors NF-kB and MAPK (p38 and ERK 1/2) in HT-29 cells was investigated using ELISA kits.
PolyP1150 negatively affected the viability of HT-29 cells in a dose-dependent manner. However, 100 mM polyP1150 dephosphorylated by wheat phytase increased cell viability by 1.4-fold over that of the intact substrate. Moreover, the 24 h exposure of cells to enzyme-treated 50 mM polyP1150 reduced the secretion of IL-8 and the activation of NF-kB by 9 and 19%, respectively, compared to the intact substrate. PolyP1150 (25 and 50 mM) dephosphorylated by the enzyme induced the activation of p38 MAPK via phosphorylation to 2.3 and 1.4-fold, respectively, compared to intact substrate, even though it had little effect on the expression of ERK 1/2 via phosphorylation.


Wheat phytase could attenuate polyP1150-induced IL-8 release in HT-29 cells through NF-kB, independent of MAP kinases p38 and ERK. Thus, wheat phytase may alleviate inflammatory responses including hypercytokinemia caused by bacterial polyP infection in animals. Therefore, wheat phytase has the potential as an anti-inflammatory therapeutic supplement in animal husbandry.
Keywords: Inflammatory Responses; HT-29; Long-chain Inorganic Polyphosphate; Wheat Phytase

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