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https://doi.org/10.5713/ab.21.0437    [Accepted] Published online January 5, 2022.
Digestibility of amino acids in fish meal and blood-derived protein sources fed to pigs
Chan Sol Park1,*  , Olayiwola Adeola1,* 
Department of Animal Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA
Correspondence:  Chan Sol Park, Tel: +1-765-494-4866, Fax: +1-765-494-4866, Email: chansolpark@purdue.edu
Olayiwola Adeola,Email: ladeola@purdue.edu
Received: 24 September 2021   • Revised: 25 October 2021   • Accepted: 6 December 2021
An experiment was conducted to determine the standardized ileal digestibility (SID) of amino acids (AA) in fish meal (FM) and blood-derived protein sources including spray-dried porcine plasma (SDPP), porcine red blood cell (PRBC), and blood meal (BM) fed to growing pigs.
Ten barrows (mean initial body weight of 22.1±1.54 kg) surgically fitted with T-cannulas at the distal ileum were allotted to a duplicated 5×4 incomplete Latin square design with 5 experimental diets and 4 periods. Four experimental diets were prepared to contain FM, SDPP, PRBC, or BM as the sole source of nitrogen. A nitrogen-free diet was prepared and included to estimate the basal ileal endogenous losses of AA. For the 7-day experimental period, pigs were fed for 5 days as adaptation, and ileal digesta samples were collected for 9 hours on days 6 and 7.
The SID of crude protein in BM (48.0%) was less (p<0.05) than in FM, SDPP, and PRBC (83.4, 83.9, and 87.3%, respectively). Pigs fed the diet containing BM had less (p<0.05) SID of AA, except isoleucine and proline, than those fed the diet containing FM, SDPP, or PRBC. Among FM, SDPP, and PRBC, there was no difference in the SID of crude protein and all AA, except isoleucine. The SID of isoleucine in PRBC and BM (62.7 and 48.3%, respectively) was less (p<0.05) than in FM and SDPP (88.0 and 84.9%, respectively). The SID of lysine in FM, SDPP, PRBC, and BM was 85.4, 84.9, 89.7, and 51.9%, respectively.


The SID of most AA was not different among FM, SDPP, and PRBC, but BM had lower SID of most AA than FM, SDPP, and PRBC.
Keywords: Amino Acid; Blood Product; Digestibility; Fish Meal; Protein; Swine

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