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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ab.20.0459    [Accepted] Published online December 11, 2020.
A regression for estimating metabolizable glucose in diets of weaned piglets for optimal growth performance
Liangkang Lv1  , Zhi Feng1  , Dandan Zhang1  , Long Lei1  , Hui Zhang1  , Zhengya Liu1  , Ying Ren1  , Shengjun Zhao1,* 
Hubei Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Wuhan Polytechnic University, Wuhan 430023, China
Correspondence:  Shengjun Zhao, Tel: +86-13396072171, Fax: 0270-83956175, Email: zhaoshengjun1974@126.com
Received: 2 July 2020   • Revised: 18 August 2020   • Accepted: 8 December 2020
Two experiments were conducted to provide a new approach for evaluating feed nutritional value by metabolizable glucose (MG) in piglet diets with different levels of starch and crude fiber. In Exp. 1, a regression equation for MG was generated. In Exp. 2, the equation was verified, and the optimal growth performance of piglets under appropriate MG levels was tested.
In Exp. 1, 20 weaned piglets (7.74±0.81 kg body weight [BW]) were randomly assigned to 1 of 4 treatments, including the basal diet containing different levels of MG (starch: 25.80%, 31.67%, 45.71%, 49.36%; crude fiber: 1.23%, 1.35%, 1.80%, 1.51%). The piglets were implanted with an ileal fistula, cannulation of the carotid artery, portal vein, and mesenteric artery. The chyme from the ileum fistula and blood samples were collected. In Exp. 2, 30 weaned piglets (8.96±0.50 kg BW) were randomly assigned to 1 of 5 treatments, including the experimental diets with different levels of MG (37.6, 132.5, 300.0, 354.3, and 412.5 g/kg). The piglets’ BW, and feed consumption were recorded to calculate growth performance during the 28-d experiment.
In Exp. 1, the MG levels in 4 diets were 239.62, 280.68, 400.79, and 454.35 g/kg. The regression equation for the MG levels and dietary nutrients was: Y (MG)=12.13×X1 (starch)+23.18×X2 (crude fiber)−196.44 (R2=0.9989, p=0.033). In Exp. 2, treatments with 132.5 and 300.0 g/kg MG significantly (p<0.05) increased ADG and FCE of weaned piglets, increased digestibility of crude fat, and had no effect on digestibility of crude protein compared to 300.0–412.5 g/kg MG.
The pig model combining the ileum fistula and cannulation of blood vessels was successfully used to determine the dietary MG levels. The recommended MG level in weaned pig diets is 132.5–300.0 g/kg.
Keywords: Metabolizable Glucose; Feed Evaluation; Ileal Fistula; Blood Vessels Cannulation; Weaned Pigs

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