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Swine Nutrition and Feed Technology
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2010;23(6): 792-798.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2010.90513    Published online April 22, 2010.
Growth Performance of Nursery Pigs Fed 30% Distillers Dried Grain with Solubles (DDGS) and the Effects of Pelleting on Performance and Nutrient Digestibility
Zhengpeng Zhu, Rodney B. Hinson, Li Ma, Defa Li, Gary L. Allee
Four experiments with 2,020 nursery pigs (Triumph-4??PIC Camborough 22) were conducted at a commercial research site to evaluate the effects of including 30% distillers dried grain with solubles (DDGS) in late nursery diets on pig growth performance and to compare the effects of pelleted and meal diets containing 30% DDGS on growth performance and nutrient digestibility. In Exp. 1, 312 pigs (10.54??.16 kg) were allotted to two diets: corn-soybean meal based control diet and a corn-soybean meal diet containing 30% DDGS. In Exp. 2, 337 pigs (16.70??.14 kg) were used to validate Exp. 1 with similar diets. In Exp. 3, 665 pigs (11.77??.12 kg) were allotted to diets containing 30% DDGS, but in different forms: meal or pellet. Fecal samples were collected during the final day of the trials to measure nutrient and energy apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD). In Exp. 4, 706 pigs (18.40??.18 kg) were allotted to the same diets as Exp. 3. In Exp. 1 and 2, there was no (p>0.05) effect of DDGS on ADG, ADFI or G:F. In Exp. 3, pelleting improved (p<0.01) ADG (578 vs. 541 g/d) and G:F (714 vs. 674 g/kg), with no difference (p>0.05) in ADFI. The ATTD of most nutrients and energy were improved by pelleting (p<0.05). In Exp. 4, ADG (717 vs. 675 g/d) and G:F (680 vs. 648 g/kg) were improved by pelleting (p<0.01), with no difference (p>0.05) in ADFI. In conclusion, 10-23 kg pigs in late nursery phase can be fed up to 30% DDGS without having a detrimental effect on pig performance, and pelleting the diet will increase nutrient and energy availability.
Keywords: Nursery Pigs; Pelleting; Distillers Dried Grain with Solubles

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