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Animal Breeding and Genetics
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2009;22(5): 611-617.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2009.80378    Published online April 30, 2009.
Genetic Evaluation and Calculating Daughter Yield Deviation of Bulls in Iranian Holstein Cattle for Milk and Fat Yields
M. Sheikhloo*, J. Shodja, N. Pirany, S. Alijani, M. B. Sayadnejad
Correspondence:  M. Sheikhloo,
This study was aimed at a genetic evaluation of Iranian Holstein cattle for milk and fat yields and calculating daughter yield deviation (DYD) of bulls. The data file that was used in this research included 367,943 first three lactation records of 186,064 Holstein cows which calved between 1983 and 2006 in 11,806 herd-year-season groups. The model included herd-year-season of calving and age at calving as fixed effects and animal and permanent environment as random effects. Mean breeding values of cows for each year were regressed on birth year to estimate genetic trends. Genetic trends in milk and fat yields were greater for cows born after 1997 (59.38 kg/yr and 1.11 kg/yr for milk yield and fat yield, respectively). Animal evaluations were partitioned into contribution from parent average, yield deviation (YD) and progeny. DYD of bulls was calculated as described by VanRaden and Wiggans (1991). DYD provides an indication of the performance of the daughters of a bull without consideration of his parents or sons. Variance of bull DYD was greater than variance of their predicted transmitting ability (PTA). Correlation of bull DYD and PTA was dependent on the number of daughters and when this increased, the correlation of DYD and PTA was increased. Also as lactation number of daughters increased, the correlation of bull DYD and PTA was increased.
Keywords: Daughter Yield Deviation; Genetic Evaluation; Genetic Trend; Holstein Cows

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