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Animal Breeding and Genetics
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2008;21(5): 628-632.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2008.70201    Published online May 6, 2008.
Associations of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in BMPR-IB Gene with Egg Production in a Synthetic Broiler Line
N. B. Zhang, H. Tang, L. Kang, Y. H. Ma, D. G. Cao, Y. Lu, M. Hou, Y. L. Jiang*
Correspondence:  Y. L. Jiang,
Egg production traits are economically important both for egg-laying and broiler lines of chicken. In sheep, the Q249R mutation in BMPR-IB is associated with ovulation rate. The present study cloned a partial chicken BMPR-IB fragment which contained the corresponding ovine Q249R mutation, including partial exon 6 and exon 7 and full-length intron 6. Five nucleotide changes were identified by alignment of the fragment amplified from Jining Bairi and Zang chickens. Among these nucleotide substitutions, the C/T transition at the base position of 35 and the A/G transition at the base position of 287 were found to be highly polymorphic, and named as SNPs C35T and A287G, respectively. For the SNP C35T, 331 hens of a synthetic broiler line were genotyped by a PCR-SSCP approach and allele C was found to be dominant. For the SNP A287G, 604 birds from the synthetic broiler line, a commercial egg-laying line, as well as three Chinese indigenous chicken breeds were genotyped by a PCR-RFLP technique. The associations of these two SNPs with egg production traits in the broiler line were analyzed. The results indicated that both the C35T and the A287G SNPs were not associated with egg production at 33wks and from 33wks to 42 wks (p>0.1), whereas the SNP A287G was associated with egg production from 47 to 56 wks (p<0.05). The dominance genetic effects on this latter trait and on egg production from 33 to 42 wks were significant (p<0.05).
Keywords: Chicken; BMPR-IB Gene; SNP; Egg Production

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