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Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2007;20(12): 1901-1908.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2007.1901    Published online October 30, 2007.
Application of X-ray Computer Tomography (CT) in Cattle Production
G. Holl처*, E. Sz킥cs, J. T흷zs챕r, I. Holl처, I. Repa
Correspondence:  G. Holl처,
The aim of this series of experiments was to examine the opportunity for application of X-ray computer tomography (CT) in cattle production. Firstly, tissue composition of M. longissimus dorsi (LD) cuts between the 11-13th ribs (in Exp 1. between the 9-11th ribs), was determined by CT and correlated with tissue composition of intact half carcasses prior to dissection and tissue separation. Altogether, 207 animals of different breeds and genders were used in the study. In Exp. 2 and 3, samples were taken from LD cuts, dissected and chemical composition of muscle homogenates was analysed by conventional procedures. Correlation coefficients were calculated among slaughter records, tissues in whole carcasses and tissue composition of rib samples. Results indicated that tissue composition of rib samples determined by CT closely correlated with tissue composition results by dissection of whole carcasses. The findings revealed that figures obtained by CT correlate well with the dissection results of entire carcasses (meat, bone, fat). Close three-way coefficients of correlation (r = 0.80-0.97) were calculated among rib eye area, volume of cut, pixel-sum of adipose tissue determined by CT and intramuscular fat or adipose tissue in entire carcasses. Estimation of tissue composition of carcasses using equations including only CT-data as independent variables proved to be less reliable in prediction of lean meat and bone in carcass (R2 = 0.51-0.86) than for fat (R2 = 0.83-0.89). However, when cold half carcass weight was also included in the equation, the coefficient of determination exceeded R2 = 0.90. In Exp. 3 tissue composition of rib samples by CT were compared to the results of EUROP carcass classification. Findings revealed that CT analysis has higher predictive value in estimation of actual tissue composition of cattle carcasses than EUROP carcass classification.
Keywords: Cattle; X-ray Computer Tomography; Carcass Composition; 9-11th Ribs; 11-13th Ribs

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