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Animal Breeding and Genetics
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2007;20(12): 1798-1804.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2007.1798    Published online October 30, 2007.
Association between Polymorphisms of MSTN and MYF5 Genes and Growth Traits in Three Chinese Cattle Breeds
R. F. Zhang, H. Chen*, C. Z. Lei, C. L. Zhang, X. Y. Lan, Y. D. Zhang, H. J. Zhang, B. Bao, H. Niu, X. Z. Wang
Correspondence:  H. Chen,
The objective of this study was to assess the association of polymorphisms in MSTN and MYF5 genes with growth traits in three Chinese cattle breeds. Only one homozygous animal with BB genotype at MSTN locus was observed in Jiaxian population which was at Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium (p<0.05). The frequencies of allele A at MSTN locus and allele B at MYF5 locus in the three Chinese breeds were 0.9550/0.9730/0.9720 and 0.8275/0.7581/0.7523, respectively. Allele A at MSTN locus and allele B at MYF5 locus were dominant in these three populations. No statistically significant differences in growth traits were observed between the genotypes of the Jiaxian breed at MSTN and MYF5 loci and the Nanyang breed at MYF5 locus. However, there were statistically significant differences between the genotypes at MSTN locus of the Nanyang breed for WH, HG, HGI and HGBLR (p<0.05), and of the Qinchuan breed for BLI (p<0.05). The SNP in MYF5 had significant effects on WH and HHC of Qinchuan animals (p<0.05). These results suggest that MSTN and MYF5 are strong candidate genes that influence growth traits in cattle. Other SNPs of MSTN and MYF5 or other linked genes should also be studied, which could lead to the development of selection plans to improve the performance of Chinese cattle and also promote the breeding of genuine beef cattle in China.
Keywords: Cattle; MSTN; MYF5; Growth Traits

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