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Ruminant Nutrition and Forage Utilization
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2007;20(8): 1196-1200.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2007.1196    Published online June 27, 2007.
In vitro Methanogenesis and Fermentation of Feeds Containing Oil Seed Cakes with Rumen Liquor of Buffalo
Ravindra Kumar, D. N. Kamra*, Neeta Agarwal, L. C. Chaudhary
Correspondence:  D. N. Kamra,
Eight feeds (mixture of wheat straw and oil seed cakes in 3:1 ratio) were evaluated for methane emission and fermentation pattern with buffalo rumen liquor as inoculum in an in vitro gas production test. The cakes tested were groundnut cake (GNC), soybean cake (SBC), mustard seed cake (MSC), cotton seed cake (CSC), karanj seed cake expeller extracted (KCEE), karanj seed cake solvent extracted (KCSE), caster bean cake expeller extracted (CBCEE) and caster bean cake solvent extracted (CBCSE). The gas production (ml/g dry matter) was significantly higher with SBC and MSC followed by CSC, GNC, KCSE, KCEE, CBCSE and was the lowest with CBCEE. Methane emission was significantly lower with KCEE, KCSE, CBCEE, CBCSE (20.32- 22.43 ml/g DM) than that with SBC, GNC, CSC (27.34-31.14 ml/g DM). Mustard seed cake was in-between the two groups of oil cakes in methane production. In vitro true digestibility was highest with SBC followed by GNC, CSC, MSC, KCSE, KCEE, CBCSE and CECEE. Ammonia nitrogen level was positively correlated with the amount of protein present in the cake. Total holotrich protozoa were significantly higher with SBC, whereas, large spirotrich protozoa tended to be lower than with other cakes. The counts of small spirotrich and total protozoa were similar with all the cakes. Total volatile fatty acid production and acetate to propionate ratio were significantly higher with SBC and significantly lower with KCEE as compared to the other cakes. Among the conventional oil cakes tested in the present experiment (GNC, SBC, MSC and CSC), mustard seed cake-based feed produced the minimum methane without affecting other fermentation characteristics adversely.
Keywords: Oil Cakes; Methane; Rumen Fermentation; Buffalo

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