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Ruminant Nutrition and Forage Utilization
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2006;19(12): 1755-1760.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2006.1755    Published online September 29, 2006.
Energy Expenditure in Crossbred Cattle Fed Paddy Straw of Different Form
Raghavendra Bhatta, Vijay Kumar, Manpal Sridhar, Khub Singh
Studies were carried out at the National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, India to determine the effect of feeding chopped paddy straw (Oryza sativa) on the energy expenditure in crossbred cattle. Four crossbred cattle male, aged 5-6 years and weighing about 450 kg were used for this study. Three experimental trials, one each for the feeding of un-chopped paddy straw offered ad libitum (UCA), chopped paddy straw fed at restricted level (CR) and chopped paddy straw offered ad libitum (CA) were conducted. The quantity of un-chopped paddy straw consumed during UCA was assumed as the voluntary intake by the cattle and the same quantity was offered after chopping during CR. Each trial comprised of 21 d preliminary feeding period and 5 d of observation recording period. Expired gas was collected in Douglas bags using a face-mask and three-way valve at 6 hourly intervals i.e., at 09.30, 15.30, 21.30, and 03.30 h throughout the observation period. Expired gas and ambient air inspired by the animals were analyzed for the oxygen content through paramagnetic oxygen analyzer. Energy expenditure (EE) by the animals was calculated by determining the volume of oxygen consumed per minute (STP) and multiplying by 4.825. Paddy straw used in all the three trials contained (g/kg DM) 90.0 CP, 786 OM, 700 NDF, 489 ADF, 357 Cellulose and 60.0 ADL. Metabolizable energy (ME) was 6.9 MJ/kg DM. Dry matter intake (DMI) both in UCA and CR was about 6.8 kg, except that it was chopped in CR. Chopping has resulted in 32% improvement (9 kg) in DMI of CA as compared to that of UCA. Although ME intake was similar in UCA and CR (47.2 MJ/day), energy expenditure (EE) was higher in UCA (23.3 MJ) when compared to that of CR (19.5 MJ). The ME intake (63.3 MJ) as well as EE (27.1 MJ) was highest in CA. Energy expenditure when expressed as MJ/kg DMI was 3.48, 2.90 and 3.12; whereas as per cent of ME intake it was 50, 41 and 44 in UCA, CR and CA respectively. Our study has unequivocally confirmed that chopping of poor quality roughages like paddy straw has definite advantages not only in terms of improving the intake by decreasing the time taken for ingestion but also in reducing the energy cost of eating.
Keywords: Paddy Straw; Chopping; Intake; Energy Expenditure; Cattle
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