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Animal Breeding and Genetics
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2004;17(3): 309-312.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2004.309    Published online January 1, 2004.
Isolation and Linkage Mapping of Coding Sequences from Chicken Cosmids by Exon Trapping
H. Mannen, Y. Dote, H. Uratsuji, K. Yoshizawa, S. Okamoto, S. Tsuji
We performed exon trapping in order to locate functional genes on chicken chromosomes (GGA) and to identify functional gene sequences from chicken cosmids. Sequence analysis of 100 clones revealed 17 putative exons, five of which were identified with known sequences in a gene database search: thymopoietin beta (TMPO), U5 snRNP-specific 40 kDa protein (HPRP8BP), dihydropyridine receptor alpha 1 subunit (CACNL1A3), cystein string protein (CPS) and C15orf4. We attempted to map the genes to chicken chromosomes by using FISH and linkage analysis. The chromosomal localizations were GGA1 (TMPO), GGA10 (C15orf4), GGA23 (HPRP8BP) and GGA28 (CPS) by FISH and linkage analysis, while that of CACNL1A3 was predicted to be on a microchromosome by FISH but not by linkage analysis. Comparative mapping analyses between chickens and humans for the genes revealed both known and new synteny. The syntenic conservation between GGA1 and human chromosome (HSA) 12q23 (TMPO) and between GGA10 and HSA15q25 (C15orf4), were consistent with a recent publication, while two new syntenies were observed between GGA28 and HSA20q13.3 in CPS and between GGA23 and HSA1p34-35 in HPRP8BP. The information of presently mapped genes can contribute as anchor markers based on functional genes and the construction of a comparative map.
Keywords: Exon Trapping; Chicken; Linkage Mapping; FISH; Comparative Mapping
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