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Animal Breeding and Genetics
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2003;16(12): 1725-1731.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2003.1725    Published online January 1, 2003.
Effect of Strategic Feed Supplementation during Gestation on Intake,Blood-biochemical Profile and Reproductive Performance of Goats
Ankur Rastogi, Narayan Dutta, K. Sharma
Effect of strategically supplemented pregnancy allowance was ascertained during different phases of gestation on the reproductive performance of does. Gravid does (18) were allotted to 3 dietary treatments HH, HL and LH in a completely randomized block design. All does were provided wheat straw ad libitum and supplemented with concentrate mixture at the rate of 20 g/kgW0.75 from 0-60 days post-mating. Subsequently, HH group was given concentrate at the rate of 40 g/kgW0.75 from 61 d post-mating to term. HL group was offered concentrate from 61-90 d post-mating and 121d post mating to term at the rate of 20 g/kg W0.75 and from 91-120 d post-mating at the rate of 40 g/kg W0.75. LH group was provided with concentrate from 61 to 120 d post-mating and 121 to term at the rate of 20 g and 40 g/kgW0.75, respectively. Mean total dry matter and concentrate intake (g/kgW0.75) was significantly higher on HH in comparison to comparable intake of HL and LH treatments, however, wheat straw followed the reverse trend. Haematological and biochemical parameters except serum glucose, total serum protein and A:G ratio did not differ significantly among dietary treatments. The gross gain in weight, products of pregnancy at 21 weeks of gestation, pregnant does average daily gain, birth weight of kids and survivability of kids were significantly lower in treatment HL in comparison to comparable values for HH and LH treatments. The net gain in gravid does was significantly higher in treatment HH than the comparable values obtained in HL and LH treatments. The last month of pregnancy was found to be nutritionally most sensitive period of gestation for native goats.
Keywords: Does; Voluntary Intake; Blood-biochemical Profile; Reproductive Performance; Strategic Supplementation

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