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Animal Breeding and Genetics
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2002;15(12): 1725-1731.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2002.1725    Published online January 1, 2002.
Distribution and Activities of Hydrolytic Enzymes in the Rumen Compartments of Hereford Bulls Fed Alfalfa Based Diet
S. S. Lee, C.-H. Kim, J. K. Ha, Y. H. Moon, N. J. Choi, K.-J. Cheng
The distribution and activities of hydrolytic enzymes (cellulolytic, hemicellulolytic, pectinolytic and others) in the rumen compartments of Hereford bulls fed 100% alfalfa hay based diets were evaluated. The alfalfa proportion in the diet was gradually increased for two weeks. Whole rumen contents were processed into four fractions: Rumen contents including both the liquid and solid fractions were homogenized and centrifuged, and the supernatant was assayed for enzymes located in whole rumen contents (WRE); rumen contents were centrifuged and the supernatant was assayed for enzymes located in rumen fluids (RFE); feed particles in rumen contents were separated manually, washed with buffer, resuspended in an equal volume of buffer, homogenized and centrifuged and supernatant was assayed for enzymes associated with feed particles (FAE); and rumen microbial cell fraction was separated by centrifugation, suspended in an equal volume of buffer, sonicated and centrifuged, and the supernatant was assayed for enzymes bound with microbial cells (CBE). It was found that polysaccharide-degrading proteins such as -1,4-D-endoglucanase, -1,4-D-exoglucanase, xylanase and pectinase enzymes were located mainly with the cell bound (CBE) fraction. However, -D-glucosidase, -D-fucosidase, acetylesterase, and -L-arabinofuranosidase were located in the rumen fluids (RFE) fraction. Protease activity distributions were 37.7, 22.1 and 40.2%, and amylase activity distributions were 51.6, 18.2 and 30.2% for the RFE, FAE and CBE fractions, respectively. These results indicated that protease is located mainly in rumen fluid and with microbial cells, whereas amylase was located mainly in the rumen fluid.
Keywords: Rumen; Hydrolytic Enzyme; Polysaccharidases; Glycosidases; Enzyme Distributions
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