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Swine Nutrition and Feed Technology
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 2001;14(10): 1419-1424.
https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.2001.1419    Published online October 1, 2001.
Effect of Carbohydrate Sources in Phase I and Phase II Pig Starter Diets
I. B. Kim, G. L. Allee
Previous research in our laboratory has demonstrated the importance of lactose in phase I and II pig starter diets. Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the use of a carbohydrate by-product (food by-products) as a replacement for lactose. In Exp. 1, 120 weaned pigs (14 2 d and 5.65 kg) were allotted in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) to 10 replications with four pigs per pen. This experiment evaluated three carbohydrate sources (lactose, carbohydrate by-product, and 50-50 blend of the carbohydrate by-product and lactose). The carbohydrate sources were added at 26% in the phase I diets and 15% in the phase II diets. Phase I diets contained 7.5% spray dried plasma protein (SDP). The phase I diets were fed from d 0 to 14 and the phase II diets from d 15 to 28. There were no significant differences between carbohydrate sources on pig performance in phase I. However, during phase II pigs fed the diet with lactose had an improved gain/feed ratio (G/F) (p=0.06) compared to pigs fed the carbohydrate by-product. For the entire 28 d trial ADG, ADFI and G/F were similar for the 50-50 blend and those fed lactose. Total replacement of lactose with the carbohydrate by-product resulted in a reduced G/F (p=0.09). Exp. 2 used 100 weaned pigs (17 2 d and 4.75 kg) with five replications with five pigs per pen. This experiment evaluated four carbohydrate treatments (lactose, carbohydrate by-products, 50-50 blend, and corn). All phase I diets contained 3.5% SDP with the carbohydrate sources included at 15%, and were fed d 0 to 14. The phase II diets contained 7.5% of the carbohydrate sources and were fed d 15 to 27. A common phase III diet was fed d 28 to 42. During all phases pigs fed corn tended to have a lower ADG than pigs fed the other carbohydrate sources with the 50-50 blend resulting in the highest ADG. The results of both experiments suggest that this carbohydrate by-product can replace at least 50% of the lactose in phase I and phase II pig starter diets.
Keywords: Carbohydrate Source; Starter Diet; Weaning Pig; By-Products

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