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Swine Nutrition and Feed Technology
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 1997;10(2): 170-177.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5713/ajas.1997.170    Published online April 1, 1997.
Effects of extrusion conditions of corn and soybean meal on the physico-chemical properties, ileal digestibility and growth of weaned pigs
B. J. Chae, In K. Han, J. H. Kim, C. J. Yang, Y. K. Chung, Y. C. Rhee, S. J. Ohh, K. H. Ryu
Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of different extrusion conditions of corn and soybean meal on physico-chemical properties, ileal digestibility of amino acid and growth performance in weaned pigs. In Expt. 1, to compare physico-chemical properties and ileal digestibility of extreuded corn and soybean meal, ground corn (2 mm screen) and soybean meal were separately extruded in four different conditions: (1) no preconditioning, low water supply (3.0 l/min) (NCLW), (2) no preconditioning, high water supply (7.0 l/min) (NCHW). (3) preconditioning (steam 3.0 l/min) with low water supply (3.0 l/min) (CLW), and (4) preconditioning (steam 3.0 l/min) plus high water supply (7.0 l/min) (CHW). Twenty-five cannulated pigs (L 횞 Y 횞 D, 7.62 kg BW for soybean meal, 8.80 kg BW for corn) were employed to determine nutrients digestibility of the extruded feedstuffs. In Expt. 2, a total of 90 pogs (L 횞 Y 횞 D, 9.18 kg BW) were used for a 28 d feeding trial to compare growth performance of pigs as affected by different extrusion conditions. Before mixing, corn and soybean meal were blended and extruded by the same conditions as described in Expt. 1. corn extruded with NCLW showed the highest (p < 0.05) degree of gelatinization (DG), compared to the lowest values observed for NCHW. Extrusion of corn with preconditioning (CLW and CHW) increased (p < 0.05) the DG as compared to the extrusion condition of NCHW. Extruded SBM with NCLW showed the lowest (p < 0.05) degree of texturization among treatments. The ileal digestibility of GE in SBM was higher with NCHW and CHW as compared to NCLW. The ileal digestibility of CP was lower in extruded corn, but was higher in extruded SBM, compared to untreated sample. Lysine digestibility of extruded corn (except corn with NCHW) was in general significantly improved. Extrusion of SBM resulted in no improvements in ileal digestibility of amino acids, but extruded SBM with NCLW had lower lysine digestibility compared to other treatments. In growth responses, pigs fed a diet with CLW had higher, but not significant, average daily gain (ADG) than other treatments during first 2 weeks. From d 15 to 28, pigs fed a diet with CHW had significantly less (p < 0.05) average daily feed intake (ADFI) than others except NCHW. In conclusion, the proper extrusion condition for corn and SBM in terms of ileal digestibility of amino acids and growth performance of weaning pigs seems to be the combination of preconditioning and a low water supply (3.0 l/min)
Keywords: Extrusion Condition; Corn; Soybean Meal; Ileal Digestibility; Growth Performance; Weaned Pigs

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