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Effect of dietary supplementation of Sargassum meal on laying performance and egg quality of Leghorn layers
Geng-Jen Fan, Bor-Ling Shih, Hui-Chiu Lin, Tzu Tai Lee, Churng-Faung Lee, Yih-Fwu Lin
Anim Biosci. 2021;34(3):449-456. Special Issue  Published online August 21, 2020
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Poultry and Laboratory Animal Nutrition
Impacts of Limestone Multi-particle Size on Production Performance, Egg Shell Quality, and Egg Quality in Laying Hens
X. Y. Guo, I. H. Kim
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2012;25(6):839-844.  Published online April 23, 2012
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Swine Nutrition and Feed Technology
Effects of Lacquer (Rhus verniciflua) Meal Supplementation on Layer Performance
Y. X. Yang, J. D. Lohakare, B. J. Chae
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2007;20(1):82-88.  Published online November 27, 2006
Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Astaxanthin on Production Performance, Egg Quality in Layers and Meat Quality in Finishing Pigs
Y. X. Yang, Y. J. Kim, Z. Jin, J. D. Lohakare, C. H. Kim, S. H. Ohh, S. H. Lee, J. Y. Choi, B. J. Chae
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2006;19(7):1019-1025.  Published online May 25, 2006
Effects of Dietary Garlic Powder and Copper on Cholesterol Content and Quality Characteristics of Chicken Eggs
K.S. Lim, S.J. You, B.K. An, C.W. Kang
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2006;19(4):582-586.  Published online February 1, 2006
Effects of Dietary Non-phytate Phosphorus Levels on Egg Production, Shell Quality and Nutrient Retention in White Leghorn Layers
A. K. Panda, S. V. Rama Rao, M. V. L. N. Raju, S. K. Bhanja
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2005;18(8):1171-1175.  Published online December 1, 2005
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Effect of Scavenging and Protein Supplement on the Feed Intake and Performance of Improved Pullets and Laying Hens in Northern Vietnam
Do Viet Minh, Jan Erik Lindberg, Brian Ogle
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2004;17(11):1553-1561.  Published online January 1, 2004
Swine Nutrition and Feed Technology
Alterations in Lipid Metabolism between the Growing and the Laying Periods of White Leghorn Layers
Tu-Fa Lien, Jin-Jenn Lu, Der-Fang Jan
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 2001;14(10):1460-1464.  Published online October 1, 2001
Effects of dietary chromium picolinate on performance, egg, quality, serum traits and mortality rate of brown layers
J. D. Kim, In K Han, B. J. Chae, J. H. Lee, J. H. Park, C. J. Yang
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 1997;10(1):1-7.  Published online February 1, 1997
Effects of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) supplementation in layer and broiler diets in the tropics
H. Kassim, I. Norziha
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 1995;8(6):607-610.  Published online December 1, 1995
Effect of dietary protein and energy levels on the performances of Starcross layers
M. Salah Uddin, A. M. M. Tareque, M. A. R. Howlider, M. Jasimuddin Khan, S. Ahmed
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 1992;5(4):723-731.  Published online December 1, 1992
Performance of broilers and layers fed locally produced fish waste meal in Western Samoa
S. Ochetim
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 1992;5(1):91-95.  Published online March 1, 1992
Animal Products
The influence of dietary protein and energy levels on egg quality in starcross layers
M. Salah Uddin, A. M. M. Tareque, M. A. R. Howlider, M. Jasimuddin Khan
Asian-Australas J Anim Sci. 1991;4(4):399-405.  Published online December 1, 1991


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