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Ruminant Nutrition and Forage Utilization
Animal Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Bulls (1/2 Purunã vs 1/2 Canchim) Slaughtered at 16 and 22 Months Old, and Three Different Weights
Ivanor Nunes do Prado, Carlos Emanuel Eiras, Carlos Alberto Fugita, Rodrigo Augusto Cortêz Passetti, Mariana Garcia Ornaghi, Dayane Cristina Rivaroli, Adriana Aparecida Pinto, José Luiz Moletta
Anim Biosci. 2015;28(5):612-619.  Published online February 6, 2015
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Animal Breeding and Genetics
Selection and Crossbreeding in Relation to Plumage Color Inheritance in Three Chinese Egg Type Duck Breeds (Anas Platyrhynchos)
R. L. Lin, H. P. Chen, R. Rouvier, J. P. Poivey
Anim Biosci. 2014;27(8):1069-1074.  Published online June 22, 2014
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Animal Products
Effects of Crossbreeding and Gender on the Carcass Traits and Meat Quality of Korean Native Black Pig and Duroc Crossbred
Muhlisin , Panjono , Sung-Jin Lee, Jeong Koo Lee, Sung Ki Lee
Anim Biosci. 2014;27(7):1019-1025.  Published online June 22, 2014
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Chemical and Fatty Acid Composition of Longissimus Muscle of Crossbred Bulls Finished in Feedlot
Ivanor Nunes do Prado, Adriana Nery de Oliveira, Polyana Pizzi Rotta, Daniel Perotto, Rodolpho Martin do Prado, Robério Rodrigues Silva, Nilson Evelázio de Souza, José Luiz Moletta
Anim Biosci. 2009;22(7):1054-1059.  Published online June 25, 2009
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Evaluation of Crossbreeding Effects for Wool Traits in Sheep
B. S. Malik, R. P. Singh
Anim Biosci. 2006;19(11):1536-1540.  Published online September 29, 2006
The Effect of Sub-division (Two or Three Sub-populations) of a Population on Genetic Gain and Genetic Diversity
T. Oikawa, H. Matsui, K. Sato
Anim Biosci. 2005;15(6):767-771.  Published online January 1, 2005
Estimation of Crossbreeding Parameters for Serum Lysozyme Level in Broiler
M. Nath, B. P. Singh, V. K. Saxena, A. K. Dev Roy, R. V. Singh
Anim Biosci. 2002;15(2):166-171.  Published online January 1, 2002
Genetic Variation and Correlation Studies of Some Carcass Traits in Goats
S. Das, S. S. Husain, M. A. Hoque, M. R. Amin
Anim Biosci. 2001;14(7):905-909.  Published online July 1, 2001
Comparison of Growth, Milk Yield and Draughtability of Murrah-Philippine Crossbred and Philippine Native Buffaloes
R. C. D. Salas, T. van der Lende, H. M. J. Udo, F. V. Mamuad, E. P. Garillo, L. C. Cruz
Anim Biosci. 2000;13(5):580-586.  Published online May 1, 2000
Review Paper
Long-Term Breeding Strategies for Genetic Improvement of Buffaloes in Developing Countries - Review -
C. Chantalakhana, P. Skunmun
Anim Biosci. 1999;12(7):1152-1161.  Published online November 1, 1999
Animal Breeding and Genetics
A study on the Performance of Fayounmi, Rhode Island Red and Fayoumi x Rhode Island Red Chickens under Rural Condition of Bangladesh
A. Barua, M. A. R. Howlider, Y. Yoshimura
Anim Biosci. 1998;11(6):635-641.  Published online December 1, 1998
The impact of crossbred cows at farm level in mixed farmmng systems in Gujarat, India
B. R. Patil, H. M. J. Udo
Anim Biosci. 1997;10(6):621-628.  Published online December 1, 1997


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